Chandra Meadows, Content Developer + Brand Strategist


I personally believe every individual who has decided to be their own boss, must find their flow when it comes to their entrepreneurial pursuits. Of course, this will be a trial and error process but it will be so beneficial in the long run when you have discovered and created the systems, methods, and blueprints that work for you. 

Success isn’t a one size fits all kind of thing.

Every entrepreneur's experience is different because every entrepreneur is different. Just remember that this is your distinct journey. Entrepreneurship can be lonely but you don't have to do it alone. There's plenty of consultants, virtual assistants, content creators, business coaches, etc. willing to help you manifest your business dreams. I know it isn't easy trying to find people who connect with your purpose, see your vision, and who can help execute your blueprints, but it's worth finding.

I have created my business model around serving you, the entrepreneur who's interested in finding their own flow, and the entrepreneur who doesn't want to go insane during the process. I am a content developing brand strategist who helps entrepreneurs manifest brands, businesses, and solid self-management practices. My mission is to serve as the “right hand woman” to kick ass women who have decided to be their own boss. I place high value on personal development, brand building, and purposeful living. I enjoy creating systems and programs that transform the way people “do entrepreneurship”.