Why Cardi B's Money Moves Are Motivational

 via BET

via BET

Bronx native Cardi B first made her appearance on social media. She naturally became a hit on Instagram after posting videos of her simply being herself. Cardi B ended up developing a huge following because people were drawn to her raw and unfiltered personality.

Her sassy, “tell it like it is, and however which way she feels” demeanor landed her on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: New York. She became a regular on the show and was able to expand her platform even further. Love & Hip Hop exposed more of the world to Cardi B, the new queen on the block, but she didn’t stop there.

She is an ex-stripper turned social media personality turned reality television star turned hottest rapper out right now. Cardi B is now signed with Atlantic Records and has made history by being the first female rapper to take the No.1 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart solo since 1998. In 1998, Lauryn Hill held the number one position with Doo Wop (That Thing).

Cardi B is a very entertaining woman, it’s nearly impossible to watch a video clip of her and not laugh at least once. Not only is she funny, but she’s real. She’s not acting or putting on a show for the sake of fame, you can tell that she’s exactly who she presents herself as. No script necessary.


 via Fashion Bombdaily

via Fashion Bombdaily

However, do not let the entertainer side of Cardi B take away from the fact that she has made herself a business woman and created a thriving career. Maybe it’s due to the hustle she had to have in order to make it as a stripper, or maybe it’s the grind that comes from growing up on New York City’s fast-paced streets? Whatever it is, Cardi has taken full advantage of her 15 minutes of shine and created an empire. It’s amazing being able to actually witness Cardi B’s glow up, which is why I have come up with 3 things we can learn from Cardi B’s impeccable 'money moves':

Authenticity can take you far.

Social media has opened the door for everybody and their mama to come through and put on a show for the world. Many seek the spotlight of fame. Some people will do whatever it takes just to get a taste of it, even if it results in them losing themselves. Cardi B has stayed true to herself and won in the process. She may be the last person many may call a role model, but she’s definitely a refreshing example of someone who didn’t have to be someone else in order to reach success. She created her own lane, didn’t focus on anyone else’s, and now she’s making money moves.

Speaking of “money moves”, Cardi seems to have a lot of them.

Love & Hip Hop could have very well been her peak. She could’ve had her run on the show. She could have been just another reality tv star, and with her personality, she would have more than likely been a big hit on the reality tv circuit for a little while longer. She could have left her career at that, but she didn’t. Cardi B shattered that glass ceiling and came out on top. Since the release of her single Bodak Yellow, her name has appeared in headline after headline. It doesn’t matter if the topic is music, fashion, or the latest celebrity talk, Cardi B is dominating pop culture right now. She didn’t settle, she showed up, leveled up, and now she’s reaping the benefits.

At the intersection of talent and opportunity, there’s Cardi B.

Cardi B opened the door for opportunity and she didn’t waste it. She acted and moved. When she said she “make money moves”, she wasn’t bluffing. Within an industry where it’s easy to be taken advantage of and left with nothing, Cardi B is making real boss moves. She’s not just some D list celebrity with 15 minutes of fame, she’s become the “it” girl on the scene. Cardi has the whole world intrigued. Her music career is just taking off and she has already proven to be a force. Bodak Yellow is a catchy song, and Cardi’s delivery was straight perfection. The song has the power to have even the most uppity individuals singing along, exposing their "inner ratchet". Yes, it’s that influential.

Cardi B is that influential. She’s the underdog who has made it to the top and we are all rooting for her. She’s the girl from around the block who is becoming the woman who could potentially own the block. At this rate, don’t be surprised if you see the once “regular, degular, shmegular girl from the Bronx” on a Forbes list sometime in the future. Cardi B’s reign is just beginning and we are all here for it. If you have been making every excuse for why you aren’t where you want to be in life right now, or wasting time settling into a life you know isn’t for you, may Cardi B’s story be some motivation for you to get up and move!