Is Your Lack of Discipline Blocking Your 'Boss Up'?

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Discipline: to train (yourself) to do something by controlling your behavior; to train or develop by instruction and exercise especially in self-control.

Usually, when we hear the word "discipline" it’s regarding a child or children. However, it is adults who tend to need to use discipline the most. As we get older and life begins to unravel in ways we never imagined, a lot of us start to lose control. We lose control over the things going on in our lives and we lose control over ourselves. We begin to accept this lack of control and start to let life happen to us as we surrender our accountability and power to chance. 

Perhaps, giving up and convincing yourself that you are powerless is an easier route for some, or maybe people are simply too lazy or afraid to hold themselves accountable for what’s transpiring within their very own lives? 

Having discipline doesn’t take away fun or freedom. It isn't something that holds you hostage. Discipline is necessary. It places the power back into your hands. 

The road to freedom is cemented with discipline.

If you are seeking to accomplish any goal, objective, or task, you need discipline. If you desire to make any changes within yourself or within your life, you need discipline. Being able to establish and maintain discipline will help you move easier throughout life. There are a million distractions taking place all around us at any given moment. It’s easy to stray away from goals. It’s easy to become consumed with things and people who mean you no good. It’s so easy to get caught up with things that add nothing to who you are trying to become, or where you are trying to be. Tunnel vision, maintaining focus, and discipline, will help you navigate through these distracts and limiting interactions. 

This is your life. Do you really have time to waste on things that do not serve your highest evolution? 

If your life isn’t going how you want it to go, you have no one to blame but yourself. If you don’t have a physical condition holding you back, you really have no excuse for not making the moves you want to make. 

2018 is just around the corner. Are you going into the New Year with your old mindset? Are you bringing in the New Year with the same old habits that did nothing for you this year? Are you going into the New Year as a victim? Are you starting the New Year off already defeated? Or will you boss up, make the necessary changes, and become the bad ass you have always dreamed of becoming?

This is your moment. It is your time. Start cultivating healthier habits now. Start applying everything you’ve learned from all the mistakes you’ve made. It’s impossible to move forward with the same things that have held you back. Drop that load. Release everything and everyone who no longer accommodate who you are. Establish some discipline within yourself and use that to truly make your next move your best move. 

It’s time to aim and shoot your targets.

Stop playing Russian roulette with your dreams.

Chandra Meadows