Social Media Status: Your Platforms Matter

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disclaimer: This post was mostly written with artists, creatives, entrepreneurs, and influencers in mind, but it's definitely "all people" friendly. :)

Does your social media status [or lack thereof] affect business opportunities?
Social media is clearly the “new wave” for connecting with people. The various platforms give people the chance to distinguish themselves within the cyber world and present whatever they want and however they want,  in whichever form they choose. 

Exploring your social media profiles isn’t just something your family and friends are privy to, law enforcement, colleges and even potential clients or employers may also do a little snooping around as well. 

Like it or not, your social media pages basically make up your brand. It is the digital image of "you" the world will observe, judge, and criticize. It's a concept that can be a complete nerve wracking experience depending on who you are. However, if you are someone who has any type of product, service, organization, philosophy, art, lifestyle, message, or anything you want to spread to the masses, social media is a major key. 

Of course, there are different “rules” for people who use their social media platforms for leisure purposes versus those who use it to market and promote a business, product, service, etc. 

You must be aware of the content you are posting if you are going the business/brand route. If you want to appeal to a certain type of person, you should give the best expression of whatever it is you are trying to market, otherwise you could miss your mark and miss out on opportunities. 

Is your platform aesthetically pleasing?

Does it give off the vibe you want it to give off?

Do you accurately express your brand’s message across all of your social media platforms in use?

Being strategic with social media may seem pointless and not that serious to some. However, it is becoming more important and more of a determining factor for increased product + service sales and effective branding and marketing. Perhaps, it is something we should take more seriously, especially if we are using the platform to make professional + personal connections, increased sales revenue, or to reach larger audiences and bigger platforms. The overall success of your business/brand could very well depend on it. 

What is the status of your social media?

Are you interacting with your followers?

Are you using creative, attention grabbing visuals?

Is your presence known and does it stand out?

Are you presenting something beneficial to human advancement (no matter how big or small)?

Or is it just another profile drowning within the sea of profiles?

I have personally decided to do a “clean up” of my social media presence. If you want to be noticed and if you want to attract more people, you should create an appealing platform. 
Social media should not consume you, or blur the line between the virtual world and reality, but it can be used to change your reality and the reality of those around you. So, I would say, it's a pretty powerful tool. 

To sum everything up, Creativity, Cohesiveness, and Consistency are key components in curating a social media presence that will stand out.

And one more thing, Be Authentic. Yes, even amid curation, authenticity has its place. But that’s a whole other post.


to be continued...

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