16 Day Self-Management Challenge

When the idea clicked in my head and heart, I knew I could not ignore it. I mean, how often does your head and heart agree on things instantly? I am personally used to going back and forth between the two but with this, it was different. There was no back and forth. There was only confirmations of, “this is the one...this is it...and girl, if you don’t receive this message and act.

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PayPal Just Made Key Changes To Their Policy: Here's What You Should Know

PayPal has become one of the most popular online payment systems to make monetary transactions.

It is used by countless everyday people. However, it has probably proven most beneficial to business owners and those who may make a lot of financial transactions via the internet.

PayPal has recently updated their policy and there are a few things that may or may not affect you but are still important things to just know.

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Is Your Lack of Discipline Blocking Your 'Boss Up'?

Usually, when we hear the word discipline it’s regarding a child or children. However, it is adults who tend to need to use discipline the most. As we get older and life begins to unravel before us, a lot of us start to lose control. We lose control over the things going on in our lives and we lose control over ourselves. We begin to accept this lack of control and start to let life happen to us as we surrender our accountability and power. 

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Chandra Meadows
Social Media Status: Your Platforms Matter

Does your social media status [or lack thereof] affect business opportunities?
Social media is clearly the “new wave” for connecting with people. The various platforms give people the chance to distinguish themselves within the cyber world and present whatever they want, however they want and in whichever form they choose. 

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