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I am an Atlanta native who currently wanders between the east and west coast. I occasionally get my “tv fix” via Netflix, I’m the weird line between introverted and extroverted, and I have a secret love for film and production.

I spend most of my time writing articles and books, reading the latest in tech, business, art, spirituality, and culture, and finding a cool yet awkward balance between work and play. I am currently going by the titles: Brand Builder, Content Developer, and Idea Manifestor.

You can read 31 Days of Glo’ Up HERE and Revelations from a Black Girl Bloomin HERE.

My latest projects:

Helping My Clients Further Expand, I am currently working with womenpreneurs who have brands and businesses that need creative content + marketing to expand their digital presence.

Creators Prep School, This is a platform I recently created that is currently in the developmental phase. I have created 2-4 week programs that are geared towards providing tools, resources, and blueprints that will help entrepreneurs thrive in their businesses. 

Writing My Next Book, I will begin writing my next book soon. I’m super excited about it because after falling vastly and deeply down the “self-help rabbit hole”, I am now free to get back to what I loved most about writing in the first place; which was the ability to develop characters, create worlds, and explore different storylines using my very own imagination. So, stay tuned!

Welcome to my digital home! I will be sharing with you all the tips, tricks, methods, mistakes, etc. I’ve picked up thus far while on this journey of leaving my mark in the world. If you are looking for filtered, pretty, get rich quick stuff, this is probably not the space for you. However, if you want a real look at entrepreneurship, you have definitely come to the right place. is a space for you to explore information on entrepreneurship, creative expression, content creation, authentic branding, and self-awareness. 

If you stick around long enough, you just may leave more enlightened, evolved, and equipped. Are you ready to level up?